Kaspersky Lab and LANIT-TERCOM launch free course: Stay Safe, Stay Secure

Kaspersky Lab and LANIT-TERCOM launch free course: Stay Safe, Stay Secure

On April 14, 2020, Kaspersky Lab and Lanit-Tercom (part of the LANIT group of companies) launched a free course called Stay Safe, Stay Secure powered by Area9 Lyceum’s Rhapsode™ adaptive learning platform. The course is focused on how to keep remote work secure.

There are two modules in the program. The first dives into physical security, minimizing the risk of catching COVID-19, with the materials translated and adapted for the Russian market by the Lanit-Tercom team. The second module is all about cybersecurity—how to keep your computer save from cyber attacks and viruses while working from home.

All courses built on Rhapsode™ are nonlinear, making sure the content is flexible and adaptable. And with the help of AI algorithms and cognitive engineering, the platform can build personalized tracks for each student in real time.

Every person going through the course assigns a confidence level for each answer they give, which lets the system evaluate their metacognitive skills. The students themselves can use that to keep close tabs on what they know as well as the educational process.

Area9 Lyceum has been a leader in the adaptive learning market for more than ten years. Its core offering is the Rhapsode™ adaptive learning platform, one which has empowered people around the world to learn and build skills more effectively than ever.

Lanit-Tercom has worked with Area9 as a partner developing the platform since 2004, in 2019 becoming the solution’s official distributor in Russia. The company both offers support for Russian-speaking users and builds courses itself.