Complete service for an automated accounts payable information service

LANIT-TERCOM is offering complete service for an accounts payable system designed to fulfill several functions:

  • Automate work with reference information (create, store, and make changes to agreements, supplementary agreements, directives, letters)
  • Prepare financial reports (acts, invoices, bills, cover letters)
  • Process information about incoming payments (public payments, benefits, subsidies)
  • Distribute and make payments to payment participants
  • Calculate compensation for the services provided by Zhilishnoe Khozyaistvo
  • Offer all necessary reporting on the movement of money and payments to management organizations, service providers, the St. Petersburg Committee for Housing Policy, and other interested parties

The automated system works in real time and can be accessed by users around the clock.

Technologies: 1С: Enterprise 8.2, MS SQL Server