Embedded Systems & HW

Большой баннер в услуге: 

One of Lanit-Tercom’s key competencies is developing and reengineering radio electronic equipment. The professionalism and strong qualifications everyone in the company (including professors and candidates of sciences) brings to the table let us work outside the box when it comes to building original electronic systems and data processing algorithms. If you need to take electronic equipment from an idea to fruition or handle anything else in the field of radio electronics development, we are the company for you.


  • Development of custom SW/HW solutions for specific tasks
  • Development of specialized electronic equipment
  • Embedded SW development
  • Design and implementation of data processing algorithms and work control algorithms
  • Re-engineering and Optimization of existing Embedded solutions
  • Performance optimization by moving parts of code into HW
  • Co-design – the technology of automatic generation of optimized Hardware architecture


Typical products

  • Real-time Audio & Video processing systems
  • Digital TV broadcasting systems
  • Digital processors for radio signals conditioning and noise compensation
  • Specialized computers
  • Electronics for Ships\Trains
  • Media Centers
  • Sensor data acquisition and analysis systems
  • Telecom solutions
  • Real-time fault- tolerant systems
  • Surveillance systems



    • Unique solutions for data processing algorithms and control algorithms
    • Using of system-level synthesis for leveraging VHDL-based technologies
    • Wide experience working with modern electronic components: FPGA, DSP, RISC
    • Reputation as a reliable business partner providing stable long-term relationship (maximum 10+ years collaboration)
    • Engineering methodologies tailored to the specific needs
    • Optimized organizational structure: time and effort-proven methodology for the project management
    • Professionalism, talent and high level qualification of company’s employees


    • Telecommunications
    • Transportation
    • Instrumentation
    • Aerospace/ Defense
    • Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Consumer Electronics/ High-tech devices


    Application development:

    • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux Kernel, RTOS, embedded systems
    • Technologies: XML/XSL, HTML/DHTML, Web Services, Mathlab/Simulink

    Нardware development:

    • Platforms: FPGA, CPLD, DSP, RISC, ASIC
    • Technologies: Functional/timing simulation, hardware re-engineering, logic synthesis, rapid prototyping, verilog IDE and SW tools by Mentorgraphics, Xilinx, Altera

    Programming languages:

    VB, VB.NET, JavaScript Transact, C/C++, C#, VHDL, TCL, Assembler

    Network technologies:

    ATM, FDDI, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, xDSL, GEPON, DVB-T, DVB-H, ISDBT, ATSC-M/H, VoIP, TSP/IP, DSP frameworks (Texas instruments analog devices)