Special Purpose Electronics

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Special purpose electronics department has 25 years experience of telecommunications software development. The department operates under the international and domestic standards that match every new project. Lanit-Tercom engineers have been always focused on architecture and quality what enables to identify bottlenecks and reduce the time for starting-up and adjustment of the new complexes.


  • Software/hardware complexes for traditional telephony
  • High reliable systems with hot swapping and both hardware (modules and communication lines) and software reservation
  • Integration with all type nodes of the existing telecommunication network
  • Strong experience in all signaling types Е1 (ОКС7, EDSS1 PRI, V5.2, 2 ВСК, 1 ВСК, 2600, 2100, 600/750, МТР 3 for СК2Т)
  • Full development cycle from hardware and software design to preparing for serial production and commissioning


  • Military institutions
  • Transportation companies (railway, air and sea transport)
  • Oil/gas and energy companies (e.g. nuclear stations)


  • Intel (x86 family for desktop, x86 embedded CPUs)
  • DSP (TI, AD)
  • FPGA, PLD (Altera)
  • Communication chips (Mitel, Zarlinck, In?neon, Intel)
  • Assembler, embedded micro code, C/C++, C#, Java
  • Linux, Unix, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, embedded operation systems
  • All signaling types Е1
  • DSP