Рrof. Andrey Terekhov founded and has directed LANIT-TERCOM ever since we began back in 1991 as one of the very first IT companies in Russia.

To this day we are a leader in the international market for IT tech and systems built on complex mathematical programming.

LANIT-TERCOM specializes in the development and support of software and information systems, digital transformation of production and business processes, re-engineering of complex systems, development of IT solutions for the oil and gas industry, medicine and education using artificial intelligence, computer vision and distributed ledgers.

On the initiative of the CEO Andrey N. Terekhov small state enterprise Tercom was founded. The company draws on the experience of the Software Engineering Laboratory, a young and forward-looking team of the department of Mathematics and Mechanics at St. Petersburg State University. It is Andrey Terekhov's vision that the company will provide an opportunity to apply novel methods to actual software development practice.


Prof. Andrey Terekhov
Prof. Andrey Terekhov
Founder and President

Prof. Andrey N. Terekhov, Founder and President PhD in Computer Science (1978, Compiler writing), Habilitation Thesis (1991, Software technology). Professor of Saint-Petersburg State University, Head of Software Engineering Chair. Member of ACM and IEEE Computer Society. Member of RUSSOFT Board of Directors (Association of Russian software enterprises). 


Vadim Sabashny

In 2004 Vadim graduated with honors from the mechanics and mathematical modelling faculty at Saint Petersburg State University. His career at LANIT-TERCOM began in 2001 with a stint as a junior developer, though by 2009 he was in charge of the telecommunication department. In 2016 he shouldered responsibility for the company’s entire production department and became CEO in 2021.

Vladimir Ufnarovskiy
Vladimir Ufnarovskiy

Having started his IT career as a computer programmer in 1994 in SE Tercom, today Mr. Ufnarovskii is a successful manager with many years of IT top management experience. Mr. Ufnarovskii graduated with honours from St. Petersburg State University in the field of Computer Science.

Our partners


Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information. The company represented by approximately 400 sales offices and scores of partners in 86 countries around the world. EMC operates in major cities of Russia and CIS.  The EMC St. Petersburg Center of Excellence is one of the company’s eight centers located around the world. Each houses developers hard at work on innovative products and solutions using cutting-edge IT.


LANIT-TERCOM is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. That status offers the company’s developers access to Microsoft’s latest and most advanced software, something that significantly boosts the company’s profile in the IT market.

St. Petersburg Association of Industrial Enterprises

The St. Petersburg Association of Industrial Enterprises was founded in 1989. Its membership includes more than 70 of the city’s biggest companies in the shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, instrument manufacturing, and electronics industries as well as major banks, insurance companies, and other organizations and unions. The association’s main functions are to promote products and services outside the local market, help with municipal orders, and raise awareness of and competitiveness within Russian and St. Petersburg companies. LANIT-TERCOM joined the association in November 2016.

Derzhavin Tambov State University

Derzhavin State University was founded in 1918 in Tambov. Today it is a modern scientific and educational center which is based on the best traditions of a classical university. LANIT-TERCOM and the University cooperate on the technical educational programs, the Digital Cathedra project and IT-company student intensives.