Document processing and automated production

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LANIT-TERCOM’s competency center for developing information systems designed to process documents and automate production has extensive experience implementing its products for major companies and a variety of industrial plants in and outside of St. Petersburg. As part of that process we put together an exhaustive list of client needs and integrate with production systems.


  • Auditing existing information systems, business processes, and business artifacts
  • Creating descriptions with just the right amount of detail and abstraction
  • Establishing development needs, creating project specifications
  • Integrating with all systems involved in production
  • Long-term support for the products we develop, continuing their development, and tweaking them to meet customer needs
  • Developing recommendations on how to improve business processes related to information systems



  • We boast extensive integration experience and intimate knowledge of a variety of industries (banking, logistics, automotive, housing, construction, food, energy, and more)
  • We take an individual approach to each project, considering its specific needs and details
  • We can offer internet access from a variety of platforms, including a wide variety of mobile devices
  • We develop flexibly, letting our business clients stay involved in the process
  • We create user-friendly interfaces