LANIT-TERCOM presented smart solutions at Korea-Russia ICT Investment Forum 2021

LANIT-TERCOM participated in the Korea-Russia ICT Investment Forum 2021, which took place on November 23. At the event, the ways of interaction between the two countries in the field of IT were discussed.

Mikhail Smirnov represented LANIT-TERCOM at the forum. He talked about the company’s innovative projects with the use of advanced technologies (AR, AI, neural networks) implemented for companies of different orientations, from pipe production to construction business.

Mikhail showcased the AR solutions, which can be used to construct metaverse – virtual worlds in which people interact with each other through AR/VR. The technology allowed LANIT-TERCOM to create the world's first AR-city, Bari (Italy).

Another direction in AR is solutions for industry: they can perform both informational and educational functions (familiarization with equipment and safety procedures) and be used for diagnosing machines.

Mikhail also spoke about the company's solutions in the field of flaw detection. They automatically track defects on oil and gas pipes and drilling rigs using special cameras, neural networks and drones.