Oil & Gas

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LANIT-TERCOM has many years of experience in digital transformation projects. We develop, implement and maintain information systems (IS) in companies in the oil and gas sector.

Our specialists have strong competencies in developing high-load web applications, configuring and migrating databases, processing data from computer vision systems, IoT and other sources. In development, we use modern approaches to creating user interfaces, geoinformation services and data management services both internally and externally.

Together with the client, we find the most effective solutions and turn them into reality. Behind our approach is a clear understanding of business processes and a background in the oil and gas industry.


  • Custom software development:
  • Digitalisation of exploration
  • Economic modeling of asset development
  • Decision Support Information Systems
  • Expert Systems
  • Digital twins
  • Import substitution of IT solutions
  • IT Landscape Consulting


  • 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry – in-depth understanding of the subject area
  • Large-scale projects for major oil and gas companies in Russia
  • Willingness to participate in customer projects from the R&D stage to the creation of a product solution with associated services

Our awards:

Diploma as a finalist of IT Stars 2021 award

Progress 2021 Diploma