Image & Video Processing

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The modern systems of record, transfer and playback of audio and video information are widely using technology of digital signal processing (DSP). Like the other systems of DSP those devices are real time systems and apply high-effective special algorithms for DSP.
Long-term experience of LANIT-TERCOM specialists allows create science-intensive and non-trivial solutions in a very short time on the field of video processing. All requirements of customer are guaranteed by high level of qualification of developers.


  • 6D stereo
  • Precise detection of object's position  with processing videodata
  • Image processing
  • Motion detection
  • Gesture control of video walls and interactive shopping windows (works indoors/outdoors, independent of weather and light conditions, multiple consumers support)
  • Gesture understanding
  • Augmented reality
  • Recreation of 3D objects from point clouds
  • Analysis of videostream and search information in it
  • Processing of videostream on the container level, encoding and decoding with industrial coders, solution of transportation problems
  • Technology of delivering and processing video content in Internet, video in web and in mobile devices
  • Development of video surveillance systems
  • Development of computer vision systems


  • Electronics/high-tech sector
  • Production of lifts
  • Transport sector
  • Consumer sector/ portable devices
  • Automobile industry
  • Interactive advertising


  • .Net
  • C/C++
  • Linux
  • MPEG2, H.264