Computer Vision Systems

Viziware enables your computer see the world like humans do. Two off-the-shelf cameras act like human eyes measuring distance to the object. Small 5x10x2cm box recognizes movement and gestures like our brain. Just plug-in Viziware and control your laptop or PC with hand gestures.

Two cameras see the same scene from a slightly different view points, and it enables the system to understand the distance to objects by parallax effect. Several algorithms are implemented to detect and calculate movement. Combining the distance and movement information we can restore spatial movement of objects in scene, thus concentrating only on the objects in the Viziware working space.

Objects recognition based on Viziware stereo effect does not require markers, gloves and etc. No special scene lightening is needed. Higher resolution level than a light-echo based technologies provide. No distance dependence - Viziware recognizes the closest (several cm) and the most distanced objects and gestures.