This project is a solution for service supporting of new generation digital TV for hotels – IP-TV. LANIT-TERCOM has created the application package for processing and preparation audio/video content before sending it to user communication device.

The content could be encoded in mpeg2 or mpeg4 (H.264) formats. Packing into transport container is supported. Source could be both files on hard drives and net-connected sources.

During the project development, the set of applications solving of concrete tasks has been created.

Streamer is application for content transmission (in mpeg2 format) into network.

HD Streamer transmits the content into network with source support in H.264 format.

Audio Streamer supports Internet radio stations as sources.

TS mixer is application for multiplexing several sources in a stream of DVB-C format.

ATS Streamer realizes the function «Active Time Shift», for making pause during the radio program.

Video encoder realizes codec for transformation the sequence of frames RGB from buffer into format mpeg2 or mpeg4.

All created applications work in Linux.