Software kit for a car factory

This project saw LANIT-TERCOM specialists develop a line of software aimed at supporting business processes at a car factory. That line includes:

1. A tool used to detect defects on the assembly line

This piece of software works both from special touchscreen terminals installed on the factory floor as well as remotely from manager offices.

2. A large logistical information system comprised of several modules:

  • A production planning module
  • An inventory delivery module
  • A module with information regarding inventory and spare parts

The system also works online and is integrated with the company’s AD and other production systems.

3. A system for working with a free location rack

System modules were installed at specially designated workplaces as well as on forklifts.


We have experience with the following for the web-related aspects of our projects:


Server Side: C#, ASP.NET MVC3

Client Side: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery lib

Database: MSSQL

Third-Party: OpenXml, log4net


Server Side:mJava, Spring 3, Spring MVC, Modeshape, Infinispan, Groovy,Grails

Client Side: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery lib, Bootstrap

Database: Oracle

Third-Party: OpenOffice, Itext, Apache POI