Developing Projects and Budgets

One of the companies in the LANIT group contacted LANIT-TERCOM looking to automate its business processes. It wanted to consolidated information held in different areas into a single system, giving all users access to up-to-date data, building analytical reports for a variety of criteria, and reducing the maintenance required by the system currently in place.

LANIT-TERCOM specialists began by analyzing the client’s business processes and compiling the requirements expressed by all the different users, after which they got down to work designing and developing the new system.

The project included the creation and implementation of an automated system handling:
- A list of company projects
- A contract registry
- Project budgets
- Reporting

The new system was also integrated into the apps and databases already used by the company.

Company employees in several departments are already utilizing the new automated system during the course of their daily work, with expanded functionality in the pipeline for the future.

OS: Microsoft Windows, CentOS

Technology: Grails, Groovy, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Oracle Express