September 17, 2009 - St.Petersburg, Russia – Lanit-Tercom has successfully finished Nester project. It has started in the beginning of March 2008 and continued for 18 months. The NESTER project was initiated by European and Russian partners: Lanit-Tercom (Russia), Inno TSD (France), EECI (France) и RTTN (Russia). The project full title is Networked Embedded and control Systems Technologies for Europe and Russia with NESTER acronym.

The aim of the project was to identify collaboration priorities between Russia and Europe in the field of Networked Embedded and Control Systems (NECS) technologies and to set-up EU-RU partnerships in the NECS domain. These priorities were identified on the analysis on industrial sectors’ needs. Later, the results of the project group research showed the four industrial sectors most suitable for cooperation:

1. Transportation

2. Energy

3. Telecommunication

4. Public infrastructure security

Based on the analysis results, 4 “cooperation hubs” (one per selected industrial sector) were established. The 6th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics - ICINCO 2009 in Milan, Italy, was one the most memorable moment. Lanit-Tercom COO, Vladimir Ufnarovsky, was invited to the conference as a co-chair person. He has visited the project workshop organized in conjunction with the conference. The workshop was aimed at strengthening R&D collaboration between the European Union and Russia in the field of Networked Embedded and Control System Technologies (NECS).

Vladimir Ufnarovsky has commented the event: “The workshop was useful for companies which were interested in sharing experience and discussing recent scientific and technological achievements. The event helped participants to establish new contacts for potential R&D projects”.

The Nester project realization involved researchers, industrials, and policy makers into the field of NECS technologies. Besides the EU-RU NECS network helped to support a constructive dialogue between Russia and the European Union, create new ideas, concepts and technologies.