Empowering agriculture with today’s IT: Lanit-Tercom at AgroFarm 2016

Empowering agriculture with today’s IT: Lanit-Tercom at AgroFarm 2016

At the beginning of February a joint delegation representing both Lanit-Tercom and FOSS, a Danish company with whom we have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship, visited AgroFarm 2016 at the VDNH Exhibition Grounds in Moscow.

AgroFarm is one of the biggest international exhibitions focusing on animal husbandry anywhere in the world, and it is more than just a place for industry professionals to meet; companies supplying tech and equipment for animal husbandry and genetics are also included. The exhibition featured the latest in technology and solutions for producing and processing animal products, and Lanit-Tercom’s presence was no accident. Our company has been developing software for FOSS that drives analytical tools boosting quality and streamlining production. Our specialists have worked on a number of key projects for FOSS, including development of a universal platform used to manage routine analysis of food and feed products produced using FOSS equipment in addition to the development of a control system for their line of tools designed to analyze food product quality. Both knowledge-intensive solutions are supplied with FOSS production equipment and utilized by major international agro-producers in the US, Australia, China, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and elsewhere.

The Lanit-Tercom delegation included Tatiana Eliseeva, director of the manufacturing systems department, and Igor Labutin, lead architect. We were happy to see the strong interest in cutting-edge tech solutions for the industry shown by many at the exhibition. Trends in agriculture, state support, and producers themselves all pointed toward growing demand for those types of projects in Russia to match that of the rest of the world, driving progress and modernizing the country’s agricultural industry.

We came away from AgroFarm really impressed by the variety of technical solutions on display for automating the agricultural industry. FOSS’ Russia team presented two relatively new analytical tools for which our team developed the software. Of course, we know better than anyone that FOSS equipment is widely used by many in the agro-industry all around the word, and it was great to personally see how interested Russian companies were in it”, - shared Tatiana Eliseeva.

The Lanit-Tercom team also visited the FOSS office in Moscow to demonstrate the first project we developed for the company. In the words, again, of Tatiana Eliseeva: “We gave our client a virtual taste of a software module that will soon be employed by several Russian pelmeni factories. The demonstration was successful, and I think we built on our strong relationship and can look forward to new upcoming projects”.