The Lanit-Tercom Abakan Branch Shows Steady Growth

Representatives from the St Petersburg office of Lanit-Tercom visited their colleagues in the Abakan office, where they discussed development plans and launched English classes for employees. The office located in the capital of Khakassia is 5 years old; the division is working on three large projects for foreign clients: Sixt (Germany), dbMotion (Israel), and Area 9 (Denmark).

The Director of Mobile Technologies Department Vadim Sabashny noticed positive tendencies as the result of the visit to the Abakan office – the development team grew to 15 and continues growing at a brisk pace. “In the course of our visit, we were glad to see the team spirit, the professionalism, and the team’s readiness to grow,” said Vadim.

The Director of Information Systems Department Kirill Churilin summarized positive changes, “This year we made a singularly important step toward the growth of our Abakan office – we moved it into a new, convenient building. This enabled us to achieve our growth objectives and to be optimistic about the future. In addition, I should certainly mention such initiatives for development and growth of our Abakan employees as the English classes and webinars.”