LANIT-TERCOM celebrating 20 years in the LANIT Group

LANIT-TERCOM celebrating 20 years in the LANIT Group

It’s been two decades since LANIT-TERCOM, a leading Russian developer, joined the LANIT Group, a multi-profile group of IT companies.

Back when LANIT-TERCOM was newly formed, in March of 1998, it joined the LANIT Group. The employees were pulled over from Tercom, a unitary enterprise founded in 1991 by Professor Andrey Terekhov, and immediately got to work developing hardware and software across a wide range of subject domains.

Professor Andrey Terekhov, the company’s CEO and the chair of the Department of Software Engineering at St. Petersburg State University, set a clear goal for the company on day one: atypical, science-intensive programming projects. Since then, the company’s motto, “Smart software solutions,” has remained at the core of who we are as an internationally renowned and reliable partner trusted with complex jobs. Successful projects have touched on computer stereo vision, reengineering, computer security, information and medical systems, business process optimization, e-learning, built-in real-time hardware and software tools, graphical software tools, and much more.

LANIT-TERCOM has long worked with top educational and research institutions, St. Petersburg State University foremost among them, so it is no surprise that the company does not live exclusively off the development orders we receive. The high-level research we do bears fruit in the form of innovative solutions and breakthrough technology.

In large part, the company’s success is built on the professionalism, talent, and passion of our team of more than 200 employees. We have every right to be proud of the highly qualified professionals they are, the education they have received, and the degrees they’ve earned at the country’s best universities. The majority graduated from the mathematics and mechanics faculty at St. Petersburg State University, and many continue to participate actively at their alma mater by teaching special courses and managing student research and theses. The scientific work they do can frequently be found in leading publications.

One standout feature of the company is the way we actively work with students. We’ve developed a system for student projects and summer schools that let them take the leap from the classroom to the hands-on process, giving them the chance to put theory into practice, feel what it’s like to work as part of a team, and dive into real IT projects. The best are offered jobs at the company.

Working at LANIT-TERCOM is an enticing proposition. Besides professional development, we offer a wide range of training and qualification courses: foreign languages, different seminars and qualifications, training in new tech, and opportunities to join the projects the company is working on for world-class clients.

LANIT-TERCOM is also active socially, pushing to advance and support the Russian IT industry. Andrey Terekhov is a co-founder of RUSSOFT, an association of Russian software enterprises that also works to promote the interests of IT companies at the government level. Alongside other issues the association is working on, it is seeking government support for fundamental research, a better tax climate, and a more modernized training system for IT specialists.

Skilled management, a clearly defined development strategy, commitment to our principles, and the responsibility we take for our work lets LANIT-TERCOM stay at the top of the international software and hardware market year after year, demonstrating continuous growth and a relentless march forward. In 2017, revenue jumped by 24%. The geography of our clientele is expanding, as is the company itself. In 2015, we opened our first foreign office, which is located in the south of Italy in a city called Bari. Last year saw an office opened in Tomsk to complement our existing presence in Abakan. Cutting-edge technology and modern development tools are coupled with flexible methodology to drive solutions to the problems we’re handed and achieve optimal results.

But LANIT-TERCOM isn’t just a successful IT company; it’s also a group of like-minded friends. Corporate parties, health days, sports, and charity events are all ways we built that team spirit, bring our interests closer together, and just have a great time with each other. It’s in those moments that you understand how LANIT-TERCOM is more than where you show up to work.

Andrey Terekhov, LANIT-TERCOM CEO: “I used to know all the names and faces of our employees. Now, we’ve gotten so big that I don’t know most of them personally. Even with that said, however, I’m always happy to walk around and see bright-eyed young people doing great work and then going out to play tennis, volleyball, and basketball or get their bikes out. I hear all the fun they’re having every day when I come to work. It’s a hubbub of noisy conversation you always want to join, and I’m sure there will be even more of them when our next anniversary rolls around.”