Lanit-Tercom develops software boosting network efficiency

Lanit-Tercom develops software boosting network efficiency

Besides working on our customers’ orders for hardware and software solutions, Lanit-Tercom puts strong emphasis on scientific research. As a result, we come up with new and innovative technology, unique algorithms, and completely novel software applicable in a variety of areas.

In 2017 the company earned yet another government certificate registering a new computer program. The document confirms that Lanit-Tercom created a new product: software used to optimize how power grids are configured in order to minimize wasted energy.

The new program was designed for use in the energy sector, and it allows users to significantly boost the efficiency of new grid designs and existing grids.

The solution helps optimize where energy sources are located, something that proves invaluable when planning new grids, for building residential microregions, and on other major construction projects. The position and capacity of storage batteries is a critical consideration in each of those instances.

Included are a library with an optimization algorithm as well as software for network configuration. The algorithm leverages input parameters that define grid structure (the distance between load hubs, voltage and power consumption at those hubs, etc.) to strategically place storage batteries throughout the region or microregion’s grid so as to minimize energy loss. Users, in turn, can use the software to model different networks, input parameters, and launch the algorithm. The software then spits out multiple optimized configurations for the user to choose from.