Lanit-Tercom at SECR 2019

Lanit-Tercom at SECR 2019

Long-awaited Software Engineering Conference Russia, or SECR 2019, was finally held in St. Petersburg on November 14-15.

Lanit-Tercom and friends made sure they were well represented this year, as the company sponsored the conference, Andrey Terekhov took up his usual spot in the program committee, and we had colleagues and partners alike giving talks.

Asger Palm, our partner and the cofounder and CTO of Area9, was the key invited speaker, giving his speech remotely. It was entitled, The open-source, functional programming platform Flow. The talk saw Asger discuss Flow, which Area9 has been developing for quite a few years. He introduced the attendees not only to the language, but also to runtime and the UI library. In a word, the language was put through its paces.

Tatiana Eliseeva, the director of the manufacturing systems department at Lanit-Tercom, gave a speech entitled, Computer vision: not at all just neural networks. Some people think computer vision doesn’t go beyond processing images, detecting objects, segmenting, and recognizing subjects using neural networks. But that’s not the case. Tatiana talked about the many approaches that are out there, not to mention which ones work when neural networks aren’t an option. As part of her review of the tech available in the computer vision space, of course, she went over some new developments in the field.

Stanislav Sartasov, a senior developer at Lanit-Tercom, gave a speech entitled, On profiling energy consumption in multi-threaded apps for Android.