Developing a cross compiler for a CASE system

An American company with a CASE tool used to quickly develop business apps contacted LANIT-TERCOM looking to replace the cross compiler at the heart of the system.

Our team developed a completely new multi-platform version of a cross compiler going from Rules to COBOL and C and then to Java, making it now possible to create apps for a wide variety of target platforms. Among the possibilities are client/server apps for which the client and server sides use different target languages.

Using a compiler translating into native languages for IBM Mainframe, OS/2, and Windows lets users build apps most effective for the target platforms. The easy readability of the code generated is perfect for users who need to dig into the translation and makes it easy to integrate apps created with the compiler into third-party systems.

Our time working together has also seen a significant expansion in the functionality offered by Rules itself.

OS: Microsoft Windows, OS/390, OS/2

Technology: Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Java, JDBC, COBOL, IBM DB/2