Developing a platform for adaptive e-learning

Lanit-Tercom is helping develop a next-generation adaptive e-learning platform for Area9 Lyceum. The platform includes modules used to automate the entire lifecycle of educational content, from creation to organization to the studies themselves.

One key differentiator is the system’s ability to analyze how well students know course materials and automatically modify the educational process to meet individual needs.

The system’s applications are all cross-platform, meaning they work equally well in the desktop browser as on mobile devices. This is because the system is written in Flow, the company’s own functional language.

The Lanit-Tercom team working on the project combines specialists from all different backgrounds, including requirement analysis, interface design, system module development, and final testing.

Technology used: Flow, HTML5, JavaScript, C#.

To read more about the platform, visit Area9 Lyceum’s official site: