The Family of applications in the sphere of electronic education

Lanit-Tercom is developing cross-platform educational applications for the online education sphere. This project encompasses the development of software products, which are used by hundreds of thousands of students every semester and are changing the view on learning in the US and the entire world (more than one million sold during a semester).

The client is McGraw-Hill Education, a daughter company of McGraw-Hill (one of the world’s largest publishers) and a leader in the international e-learning market.

The educational applications work on a wide variety of devices, including iPads and iPhones as well as devices running Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. That cross-platform capability is driven by a functional language we developed and a number of compilers for it.

The range of tasks undertaken in this project runs from the creation user – friendly interfaces and products, to the optimization of compilers and development of a new type of DSL allowing products for non-programmers to be created. The software also includes image editing, 3D processing and many other functions.

The detailed overview of the applications can be found following the web-link:

Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, C#, Adobe Flash, a functional language we developed.