Learning Management System (LMS)

A Web application for distance school education.

Brief overview of the functionality:

  • Interactive lessons for all grades and all subjects
  • multimedia content
  • testing system
  • IMS CC standard
  • Electronic assignment book.
  • Electronic report book for student and parents.
  • Communication subsystem
  • messaging, chats
  • video conferences
  • Administrative subsystem for forming classes and groups, assigning curriculum.
  • User friendly interface (even for grammar school students)
    • Adaptive interface
    • Interactive approach

The first version was based on open source solution Canvas, but because of the different reasons (including performance, scaling, the cost of modifications) the second version was developed from the scratch.

Technologies: Java 8, Spring 4, Hibernate 4, PostgreSQL 9, AngularJS, Angular Material, Tomcat 8.