Migration of a database from SQL Server to Oracle

LANIT-TERCOM worked with a major Russian bank on one of their automated systems, migrating its database from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to Oracle 11g. The project as a whole focused on pulling information systems from a number of geographically distributed departments and concentrating them in a central system better suited to future development and support.

We developed a specialized automated migration tool that made allowance for the particular quirks of the original system as well as those of the target architecture. It let us convert almost all the stored procedure code over to PL/SQL automatically, leaving only a small percentage for us to handle manually.

The data migration tool was developed over built-in database export/import capabilities, though we combined them with a tool used for highly detailed verification of the results they come up with. Together the two can account for differences between the original database and the target.

We also implemented a comprehensive test bench used to compare the behavior of the original and resulting databases in standard business scenarios.

The unique approach we took to migration and the way we coordinated with everyone involved meant that the client was able to continue developing the original application until the very latest stages of the project.

OS: Microsoft Windows, AIX

Technology: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Transact-SQL, Oracle 11gR2, PL/SQL, Microsoft .NET 4.0, F#