Development of a set of reengineering tools

The Client (Relativity Technologies, Inc., USA), a legacy reengineering company, contacted LANIT-TERCOM with the task to develop set of analysis and migration tools, in order to increase efficiency and quality of the services provided, as well as to extend business to software market.

As a result of long term collaboration, the main Relativity’s product Modernization Workbench has appeared – set of tools for legacy systems analysis, modernization and migration to new platforms. Modernization Workbench supports applications in many legacy languages – COBOL, PL/I, Natural, provides various cross-reference reports and diagrams, allows to extract business rules and transform applications into Java and C/C++. This product has been included into IBM Rational product line as IBM Asset Transformation Workbench.

LANIT-TERCOM was the main development center for Modernization Workbench, we implemented practically all functionality of the product backend – parsers, data flow analysis including inter-program flows, target code generators, main repository; also main interactive tool HyperView has been designed and developed here. Quality Assurance work was performed by LANIT-TERCOM as well. Great attention has been paid to process automation – proprietary build system allowed to build at any time whole product as well as any single component, to start automated testing of selected functionality, synchronize source code between 3 locations.

This project ended in 2009 when Relativity Technologies was acquired by Micro Focus International, plc. Product is named Enterprise Analyzer now.

OS: Microsoft Windows

Technologies: C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, Microsoft Access, IBM DB/2