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Trailer for the film "Professor Terekhov: programming as a way of life"

Lanit-Tercom develops a VR game

Lanit-Tercom finished work on a game called Cat Pirate Saga VR for smartphones, tablets, and VR helmets. The product is designed for Android and iOS, though it can also be ported over to other...


Lanit-Tercom at IT Global Meetup #10



Lanit-Tercom joins the St. Petersburg Association of Industrial Enterprises

November 11, 2016, saw Lanit-Tercom sign a partnership agreement that brought them into the St. Petersburg Association of Industrial Enterprises.

On November 30, the Import Replacement and...


Lanit-Tercom at TechVenture and TechInnovation in Singapore

Lanit-Tercom CEO Andrey Terekhov and Boris Krivoshein, the director of the company’s embedded systems and hardware department, participated in TechVenture and TechInnovation, tech exhibitions held...


Theory meets practice: Andrey Terekhov speaks at the American Chamber of Commerce